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Specializing in fruit import business, operating fruit varieties include banana, pitaya, snake fruit, kiwi fruit, citrus and other tropical and subtropical fruits

Founded in 2006, Shanghai Guangyu Food Co., Ltd. specializes in fruit import business. It operates tropical and subtropical fruits such as banana, pitaya, snake fruit, kiwi fruit and citrus. The origin comes from the Philippines, Ecuador, Vietnam, Egypt, South Africa, the United States, Australia, Italy, Chile, Thailand and other parts of the world. The company has established long-term and stable supply relations with a number of foreign farms, and truly tracked the whole process from orchard to supermarket! In order to ensure the product quality, the company's leaders regularly visit foreign farms and orchards every year, and send technical guidance to stay abroad to ensure the product quality from the source!
The company has offices and stalls in the international market in the western suburbs of Shanghai, Shanghai Huizhan market and Jiaxing market. Now it has a fruit cold storage and fresh-keeping warehouse with a storage capacity of more than 1000 tons and a modern ripening warehouse with a storage capacity of more than 800 square meters. A one-stop large-scale service of procurement, storage, processing and sales has been formed. The one-stop service eliminates the intermediate links and only provides consumers with more high-quality and cheap fresh fruit!



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